TikTok Allegedly Made a $ 20 Billion Offer

Bobby Sarnevesht, director of Triller, a video sharing platform, said that TikTok has been offered $ 20 billion to ByteDance. However, both ByteDance and TikTok parties stated that such an offer was not delivered to them.

The sale of TikTok, the short video sharing platform of ByteDance, one of the Chinese companies experiencing tension with the US administration, has been on the agenda for a while. Moreover, it is stated that there are many companies taking action to purchase the platform’s operations.

One of these acquisition claims came from Triller company manager Bobby Sarnevesht. The manager claimed that an investment firm called Centricus Asset Management Ltd made a $ 20 billion bid. ByteDance and TikTok, on the other hand, denied such an offer.

TikTok denies the allegations

For the time being, companies looking to buy TikTok’s US operations include Microsoft and Oracle. However, Sarnevesht told Reuters, “We sent our offer directly to the president of ByteDance via Centricus. We also received confirmation that this offer was received and evaluated by him.”

A TikTok spokesperson said Centricus and Triller did not contact the company for any offer. Sarnevesht said this was because TikTok was not involved in the talks, and that Triller and Centricus contacted Zhang Yiming, the head of ByteDance directly.

However, ByteDace company also said they were not aware of an offer from Triller and Centricus. A source allegedly in control of the financial details of the deal stated that the $ 20 billion offer will be financed by Centricus. “They do everything they can to discredit our proposal and because they don’t want it to be seen as real,” Sarnevesht said.

Triller, an application similar to TikTok, has 65 million monthly active users, while TikTok has 100 million users in the USA. We will soon see what will be the result of the tension between the US administration and TikTok.

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