Tiger Woods On The Mend, posts first photo since crash – Deadline

What worries me? It’s Tiger Woods, borrowing a phrase from Alfred E. Neuman, as shown in his first post-accident photo.

Woods was shown on crutches with a small cast on his right foot and ankle. The Instagram post was taken at his practice area in Jupiter, Florida.

The caption on the Instagram post shows Woods standing alongside his dog, Bugs. He wrote that the work done on his three-hole practice course was going faster than his recovery.

The update appears to indicate that Woods is recovering from his accident on February 23 in Southern California, although he apparently has a long way to go before he can resume his golfing career.

The accident saw Woods sustain multiple injuries to his right leg and foot. The cause of the accident was not disclosed by local police. They revealed that Woods was accelerating and cut a tree. The crash saw Woods pull off a twisty road with no apparent braking effort as he raced towards a corporate event for a company he represents. The vehicle was driven several times. He was not cited for the accident.

Woods remained in hospital for a month after the crash, returning home from Los Angeles in mid-March.

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