This is what the interface of HBO Max looks like

HBO Max launches online on Wednesday May 27 and is already highly anticipated.

The new service, although more expensive than its competition, will feature the entire HBO catalog along with a huge list of shows and movies like “Friends”, “The Big Bang Theory”, the DC live action movies, the Studio library Ghibli and more.

With its arrival just a day away, potential subscribers are aware of its content and are more interested in how the service will actually work.

HBO Max has yet to share any official video or photos about the service’s user interface up to this point, so there has been a bit of a mystery surrounding its ins and outs.

However, a screenshot of the interface began circulating online on Tuesday morning, showing what the service will look like when users log in.

The various content on HBO Max will be divided into “hubs” based on the origin of the content. Think of this as a bigger version of what Disney + is with its properties, where things divide Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, etc.

These hubs on HBO Max include things like Studio Ghibli, TNT, truTV, DC, Crunchyroll, and of course, HBO. Clicking on any of these will display all available titles from those specific places.

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