This Is Us 5×3: the adolescence of the three brothers

This week’s episode of This Is Us, entitled “Changes”, brought the three brothers through major changes in their lives. The flashbacks focused on Kevin, Randall and Kate at puberty being bombarded by hormones, which ends up having a big impact on their behavior in adolescence and in the adult lives of the brothers afterwards.

Check out the recap of This Is Us 5×3, “Changes”.

The chapter begins with the three brothers in eighth grade, with Kevin starting to stand out and joining the college football team. Jack decides to introduce the gym he has in his garage so that his son can improve his physical appearance for the practice of the sport.

Some of Kevin’s main memories with his father come from this garage. Nowadays, we see Kevin training at the gym in his garage, admitting he is addicted to exercise.

With that, Madison and Kevin, who despite being engaged and about to have children together, get to know each other better. Madison has had an eating disorder and is experiencing the difficulty of having people comment on her becoming fat due to her pregnancy.

She needs to keep the ultrasound in the fridge to encourage her to feed – and feed her babies. This was something Madison didn’t tell Kevin, but after he reveals that he is “an alcoholic, exercise addict and having trouble with his father”, she feels free to reveal who she truly is.

At school, Kate gets excited when Stewart Alberghini asks to join her on a job. For her, it means Stewart likes her again. Stewart tells Kate that she wanted to join his group, as he is very fond of deserts – the subject of her work.

Kate is disappointed and shares her disappointment with her mother Rebecca, who tells her to always follow her heart.

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