They missed it, Brie Larson tells of her failed auditions

Demonstrating that in Hollywood they continue to prefer physique over talent, Brie Larson confessed all the times that she failed auditions for not dressing flirtatiously

Ellos se lo perdieron, Brie Larson cuenta de sus audiciones fallidas(INSTAGRAM)

Oscar-winner American actress Brie Larson, whom you may know for her iconic roles in films like “Captain Marvel,” “Room,” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” recently revealed in a talk from her channel on the social networks, especially what it entails to carry out the audition process in Hollywood and shared some of the roles that she did not obtain in her already 20-year career as an actress.

She started the vlog on her YouTube channel addressing the “torture”, as she mentioned, of auditioning, explaining: “For those who think that being an actor is soft and easy, they are wrong”, later, she shared an overview on how the process works and how the stress of hearing gave her “heartburn” as a child.

Turns out when auditioning for a role on Frozen Ground, which ended up being for Vanessa Hudgens, she said, “I really thought I had it done.” Later, her manager asked her what she had done and said: “They said you were very scary. You scared them”, to which she was left thinking morose and finally mentioned: “I took it too far, I always took it too far.”

Similarly, Larson set out to explain how failed auditions from when she was a little girl really still hurt – for example, by recalling, she mentioned that when she auditioned to play the little sister in the original movie of Disney Channel “Smart House” and did not understand what the producers wanted, mentioning that this fact was truly a great annoyance.

And, in addition, when she lost the role of younger sister in Brink, the same actress expressed that “it really hurts!”, As she herself mentioned it, also pointed out how creepy the audition process and her discomfort when she was “asked to be seen in a certain way, “all so that I could participate in creating the entertainment.

Also, Brie recalled that for a movie in which she auditioned to play the love interest of someone with a large age difference, she began to comment that “it would not even be appropriate now” referring to the fact that when she auditioned she was very young, however, doing it at this age would also be somewhat uncomfortable.

So Larson shared how the producer asked her “to come back, dress more sexily … with a tank top, a jean, or a jean miniskirt and heels”, and then they would take her into account for the audition, something that honestly made her feel very uncomfortable.

After seeing the waiting room of women dressed in the same attire and auditioning in tennis shoes instead of heels, she was asked “many, many, many, many times” to audition again, but this time in a jean miniskirt.

In response to this, she commented, “Shame on everyone who said that. I had a jean mini skirt just for auditions, that’s not right,” Larson stated.

She also commented that some of the most outstanding projects that did not work for her were her auditions for “Gossip Girl”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “The Hunger Games”, the new “Star Wars” movies and “Terminator Genisys” .

Brie concluded her video with nothing but gratitude for her hitherto successful career, an important message of staying true to yourself and encouraging fellow actors going through the audition process, as we have already seen it is not an easy task.

“It always ended up where it was supposed to be … If you’re out there and you’re auditioning right now, I’m sending you a lot of love,” the actress concluded.

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