“They hate me for having b * lls”

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain’s Nehha Pendse denounces the haters who stalk her husband about his weight and his divorce status (PC: Instagram)

Nehha Pendse is currently going through the best phase of her life. The actress was the new Anita Bhabi in Bhabiji Ghar By Hain. The role was previously played by Saumya Tandon, who left the show amid the pandemic. On a personal level, the Bigg Boss 12 competitor recently married Shardul Bayas. But it seems that trolls have become a constant in his life.

Conversely, Nehha has been a constant target of trolls lately. The actress was loved by many like the new Anita Bhabi. But there was still a part of the viewers who were not happy and upset her. Much of that has also remained the fact that they’ve seen Saumya Tandon play the role their entire lives. So, naturally, the acceptance process took some time.

But things took a turn for the worse when Nehha Pendse was trolled over her choice of mate. The trolls have continuously targeted her husband Shardul Bayas for his weight. On the other hand, the fact that Shardul was divorced didn’t go well with a lot.

Reacting to all of this, Nehha Pendse in a conversation with Times Of India said, “I think at one point people hated me for my courage. I feel it very strongly. How dare she, how could she or how her parents allowed her to do this because we don’t get this privilege in our life. It was more of a fight like that. I have been working in this industry for so long but have never been trolled for anything or have never been in the news for my personal reasons. It happened all of a sudden and I started getting negative publicity that I’m not used to. At first I was wondering why this is happening and what I’m doing that’s different. After much thought, I realized they hated me for having sex.

Bhabiji actress Ghar Par Hain also revealed that her family has always been supportive and never questioned her choice.

More power for Nehha Pendse!

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