“They are gods who fight men”

Zack Snyder opens up on his version of Justice League (Photo credit: Getty Instagram / snydercut)

Zack Snyder tried to make his version of Justice League like there was “no league table.”

The director’s highly anticipated DC Extended Universe Director’s Cut has been released, and Zack has explained that he has no qualms about increasing the level of violence compared to the original 2017 film.

Speaking to Variety about his team’s thinking on the project, he said, “It’s a pure exercise in creative freedom. Let’s do it exactly as we would if there wasn’t a scoring board. Let’s not use any second guess. Let’s just do it the coolest way we think. It was the philosophical approach.

Zack admits he added more violence to the film because he wanted to realistically demonstrate what it would be like when a team of superheroes fight.

“I always have the feeling that the consequence is important to me, that there are real issues,” he added. “It’s always abstract, you know. They are gods who fight men. Which is also part of the point. We can’t really fight them. Humans can’t really fight them.

Zack explained that he didn’t want to “coat” the violence as that would reduce the authenticity of the film.

“If you don’t talk about real violence as violence, for me you lower the stakes at all levels,” he continued. “If the superhero smashes the car and the whole car blows up, and you just see the guy come out of the wreckage, and you’re like, oh okay, it’s still PG-13, do it. that you don’t show blood is a technicality.

The violence is still there. I want a real representation of violence. I don’t want to coat it with sugar. (SVB / BAN / DMC)

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