“There is so much chaos and madness adding to the fun”

Ken Jeong on his work in “ Tom & Jerry ” (Photo credit-Ken Jeong / Getty Images / Instagram)

Actor Ken Jeong has said that working in the upcoming film, Tom & Jerry, is fun because he’s a fan of Michael Pena and Chloe Grace Moretz, who rank number one in the live-CGI animated comedy cast.

In the film, Ken Jeong will be seen as a Chef Jackie. “He’s a stressed out person with anger issues, planning the biggest wedding of his career – of his life – and it all turned up on that day,” he said of his character.

Pena tries out a hotel owner named Terence, who wants good publicity, while Moretz will be seen as Kayla’s event organizer in Tom & Jerry.

Ken Jeong’s first day of filming involved a confrontation between his character, Kayla, and Terence.

“It was so much fun because I’m a fan of Chloe and Michael. And I had worked with (the director of the film) Tim Story before, so we’re old friends, ”said Ken Jeong.

Jeong shared that the level of intensity required to play Jackie was easily achieved thanks to director Story.

“Tim just sets such a relaxed tone, and being relaxed as an actor is really the most important thing, especially on a movie like this where there is so much chaos and madness that adds to the fun,” Ken Jeong said.

Tom & Jerry also features Rob Delaney, Colin Jost and Ken Jeong and Pallavi Sharda, and re-load the escapades of the mischievous duo of Tom the Cat and Jerry the Mouse. The Warner Bros. Project Pictures will be released in India on February 19 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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