“There is no filter in my heart or my mouth”

Rakhi Sawant: There is no filter in my heart or in my mouth (Photo credit – Facebook)

Rakhi Sawant never hassled any words, in real life or on reel. As the recently concluded Bigg Boss 14 once again proved, she speaks whatever comes to her mind without trepidation.

“I am very frank. Whatever comes to my mind or my heart, I just say it. There is no filter in my heart or in my mouth, ”Rakhi tells IANS.

Rakhi, who gained popularity thanks to his dance numbers such as “Pardesiya”, “Jhagde” and “Dekhta hai tu kya”, reached the top five of the Bigg Boss 14 grand finale after entering the show at mid-season as a challenger. Rakhi Sawant was brought in to create fireworks during an otherwise boring season, and she lived up to her label of being a Drama Queen.

Finally, Rakhi Sawant chose to leave the show during the final by accepting a briefcase containing Rs 14 lakh.

Rakhi’s mother, Jaya, is currently undergoing cancer treatment at a city hospital. Rakhi Sawant posted a video on Instagram thanking superstar Salman Khan and his family for helping his mother Jaya, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment at a Mumbai hospital.

In the video, his mother can be seen thanking Salman and his brother, actor Sohail Khan, for all their efforts. “Thank you, my son, Salman Khan. Thanks, Sohail. I am currently in the hospital and am in chemotherapy. Today I completed four (laps) and there are two more left. After that, I will be operated. I wish you success and that you stay safe and sound. God is with you. May God make all your dreams come true,

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