Their tribute to Mac Miller in the movie “Just Like Magic”!

We don’t forget a relationship that counted like that. Thus, Ariana Grande would have dedicated a tribute to Mac Miller in one of her titles …

A tribute hidden in one of his latest titles? Ariana Grande is said to have dedicated one of her tracks to Mac Miller, her ex who left too early. A nice gesture from the pop star.

Looks like Ariana Grande hasn’t quite moved on. In any case, she seems to want to send a certain message.

After all, music is a great way to say what’s on your mind. As a singer, therefore, she wanted to use her voice to reach the beyond.

Earlier last month, the “Thank U, Next” singer released a brand new album: “Positions”. Well received by critics, it features a number of feats, including one with Gaga!

Between the lines of one of his titles, we can see a tribute to his ex: Mac Miller. The latter succumbed to an overdose 2 years ago.

Although she was already separated from it long before this tragic accident, Ariana Grande was not indifferent. It must be said that their checkered relationship was not trivial, for her.


“Heaven sent you to me”, we can hear from the first lines of the title “Positions”. Her title “Just Like Magic” would evoke a guardian angel who watches over her.

“Take my pen and write love letters to Heaven,” she said next. Following this, locusts can be heard.

According to Ariana Grande fans, this would be an obvious reference to Mac Miller’s posthumous title “Crickets”. On TikTok, Maraleebell thinks Mac Miller is like his “guardian angel”.

An angel Ariana Grande takes the time to “thank for keeping a loving eye on her.” A beautiful tribute, in short.

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