The Witcher: know who will live Queen Meve in season 2

According to information obtained by the website Redanian Intelligence, in the 2nd season of Netflix’s The Witcher series, actress Rebecca Hanssen will be the interpreter of Queen Meve. However, what has drawn attention is that the 26-year-old actress appears to be much younger than the original description of the character.

Although Rebecca is not so well known to the general public, the bet is relatively high on her performance. It is worth remembering that, recently, it was announced that the character would be part of the 2nd season of the series.

In Andrzej Sapkowski’s books, which serve as the basis for the production scripts, Queen Meve has a very deep development, being important in several aspects for the narrative.

Meve first appears in the book The Blood of the Elves. In it, the character secretly meets with fellow rulers from all the Northern Kingdoms at Hagge Castle to discuss the war with Nilfgaard and the future of Princess Cintran, who is missing.

Queen Meve became the only ruler of Lyria and Rivia after the death of King Reginald. She has two children, both of whom are considered too young and naive to take the lead in political decisions. The character also appeared in an online RPG developed by CD Projekt Red, being one of the most interesting in terms of gameplay and storyline.

The second season of The Witcher, which is being filmed in specific places in the United Kingdom, resumed its work in August, after months of hiatus, due to the coronavirus pandemic. For now, little is known about the plots covered in the next episodes of the Netflix series.

A few details were made public due to leaks. However, it is believed that the scripts will be based on much of the pages of the book The Blood of the Elves. Queen Meve’s presence only reinforces that thought.

So far, it is unclear when the second season of The Witcher will debut on Netflix. The expectation is that this will only happen in 2021.

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