The war between Telegram and Apple has started

Breaking technology news: Telegram, the popular messaging application of the last period, filed a complaint to the European Union due to Apple’s 30% share in the app store and not allowing downloading applications from elsewhere.

According to the news of Webtekno, Telegram, one of the most popular messaging platforms developed against WhatsApp, applied to the European Union for the 30 percent share Apple has received through the app store App Store.

Offering a formal antitrust complaint to the competition authority of the European Union, Telegram became the third largest company to apply to the EU after Spotify and Rakuten on the grounds that the App Store offers unfair competition.

Apple’s app store wants a very high 30 percent share of people sharing apps here. The company, which does not allow users to download these applications from other sources, therefore makes this 30 percent denominator obligatory for all people who want to develop software for Apple products. This ensures that the company does not allow competition and is a monopoly in the field of application stores.

Recently, Telegram’s co-founder and CEO, Pavel Durov, shared an open letter about Apple’s 30 percent tax on apps. The letter contained that Apple’s app store doesn’t cost what people produce, and considering the size of the iOS installation base, developers will continue to develop apps here.

Apart from Telegram, world giants like Spotify also accuse Apple of creating an unfair competitive environment. Spotify stated that the App Store earned a very high amount of revenue from the subscription service without any effort.

Companies and users who want to develop and publish an app on iOS or iPadOS have to pay 30 percent of their subscription revenue to Apple, even if the app is free.

Google also makes similar interruptions, though less on Google Play, but users on the Android platform can publish the application on other platforms if they wish. Apple, on the other hand, does not allow third-party store applications to be made by only having to download applications through the App Store.

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