The Walking Dead: World Beyond 1×6

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond was directed by Michael Cudlitz, Abraham of The Walking Dead, and features a new character, Percy (Ted Sutherland), who was found by teenagers at the end of the previous chapter, “Madman Across the River? ”, and who joins the group to find the path of their trip and help them get to CRM as soon as possible

Check out the recap of The Walking Dead: World Beyond 1×6, entitled “Shadow Puppets”.

Upon finding the group, Percy reveals that he was robbed and abandoned by two men who were traveling with him. Percy and the teenagers make a deal to help Percy find his way and his stolen things, while Percy promises to help them on their journey to CRM.

The group heads to a nearby town to help Percy pick up his truck. They find the vehicle, however, without the keys and with a corpse inside. They leave for a nearby building to look for the other man who possibly has the key.

Felix and Percy enter while the rest remains on the lookout outside. Iris ends up going into the building as well and finds Percy. The two find the keys and Percy hands it to Iris, while he continues to search for his other belongings. As Iris leaves the building, she ends up hearing a shot and a scream from Percy startled. Iris returns to help Percy and finds him running away.

Meanwhile, the guy who was supposedly dead in the truck gathered all the equipment in the group, put it in the back of the vehicle and started to run away. Iris runs after Percy, but ends up falling into a trash can with some zombies. Percy comes back and helps Iris out of there.

Percy says he convinced his uncle Tony to come back and help Iris. Everyone gets in the truck and leaves. Tony and Percy explain that they hit other people – Tony was a magician in Las Vegas before the apocalypse and knows everything about tricks. They attract other groups, steal things and flee to the mountains. But this time, unlike the other times, someone – Iris – came back to help Percy. They decided to go back and return things to the group.

The group gets right and Percy and Tony make a puppet theater using shadows – hence the episode title – representing the apocalypse. They also reveal that they stole the CRM truck and that they know some places where they can refuel the vehicle.

In the post-credit scene, we see the scientist who has the notes of Hope’s father and Iris with a plan to capture the group as soon as they arrive at the CRM and kill the girls’ father. We heard zombie noises in the lab where she is.

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