The Twilight saga will continue with 2 new books

The Twilight saga will have 2 more books that were already planned by Stephanie Meyer. After the premiere of Midnight Sun, a book that tells the story from the point of view of “Edward”, the author Stephanie Meyer surprised her fans with the next plans she has for the vampire couple, apparently she has not finished telling everything about them.

According to the ABC News portal, the writer held a session for Books-A-Million in which she answered several questions from her fans about her latest release and after the million-dollar sales of “Midnight Sun”, Stephanie Meyer has plans to launch new books of the saga. Que????

The writer explained that in her plans there are 2 more books that will continue with the adventures of “Bella” and “Edward”, no longer from the vampire’s point of view, because she wants to preserve her image by being happy.

Stephanie Meyer announced that she already has the first written chapter of one of them and that both have already been summarized and the plans to start the writing are being developed, although she clarified that for the moment she will not work on them, we will still have to wait.

The continuation of “Twilight” will take time, not for lack of inspiration, also the loyalty of her fans is still present, but the author wants to focus on something new and write something very different from the world of vampires.

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