‘The Toys That Made Us’ Producer The Nacelle Company Launches Podcasting Studio – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: The Nacelle Company, the company behind series including Netflix Down to earth with Zac Efron and Netflix The toys that made us, embarks on podcasting with the launch of his own studio.

The company has completed construction of the studio in Burbank and will kick off the move with a list of shows.

Its launch slate includes A toy store near you, who do you think you are? with Gates McFadden, The Billy Galaxy Podcast, Secret Histories of Nerd Mysteries and For culture.

“A lot of companies make podcasts and then try to turn them into TV shows, for some reason we like to do it the hard way, so some of our early shows are based on TV shows we already broadcast.” , said Brian Volk-Weiss, Founder and CEO of The Nacelle Company.

Apple launches companion podcast ‘For All Mankind’

Start Slate:

A toy store near you
Actress, vlogger and writer Victoria Bennett aka Bevin hosts this series which serves as a follow-up to store owners featured in A Toy Store Near You for an in-depth conversation, updates on their respective businesses and what was left on. the floor of the cutting room.

Who do you think you are? with Gates McFadden
Actress and choreographer Gates McFadden, who worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Muppets Take Manhattan, hosts this series of fun and intimate conversations with close friends and former co-stars recalling their careers, their personal lives and Star Trek.

The Billy Galaxy podcast
Billy Galaxy, owner of Billy Galaxy Vintage Toys and Collectibles, is something of a pop culture archaeologist. During his treasure-hunting adventures for his boutique and personal collection, he has befriended a multitude of equally fascinating characters, whom he will sit down to talk to in this new series.

Secret Stories of Nerd Mysteries
Two friends, Austin and Brenda, delve into the rich history of nerd niche topics close to their hearts in their own way, delving into subjects such as the origins of Chuck E. Cheese, the controversial Sega Night CD game. . Trap and the new groove of the cult Disney emperor.

For culture
Toy designer David Vonner and Creative Director Adam Van Wickler reunite for a vivid, uncensored and insider perspective of toy collecting, the toy industry and, of course, toy culture. . Hosted by Richard Mayerik, producer of Nacelle.

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