The Theory That 1 Human Age corresponds to 7 Dog Age Was Refuted

Scientists have refuted the theory, which says that the biological development of dogs to the biological development of humans is ‘1 human age is equivalent to 7 dog ages’. Dogs have a variable development, not constant, as thought.

It is a very common theory, especially among animal lovers, that 1 human age corresponds to the age of 7 dogs. Scientists from the University of California, USA, have conducted research on labradorian dogs to find out whether the theory in question is true.

Scientists, who examined the methyl groups in the genomes of dogs in order to follow the biological development, concluded that the development did not occur as expected as static, the rate of development in the first few years was much higher than expected.

There is no fixed multiplier to calculate the age of the dogs

Stating that the pace of development is not strictly fixed, the scientists stated that the first 7-week development of dogs is equivalent to the development of humans in the first 9 months. It was determined that milk teeth appeared in both humans and dogs in the said period.

According to research in the magazine Cell Systems, dogs are maturing much faster than humans. Because a dog who is 1 year old reaches the same biological maturity as a 30 year old person. However, as we mentioned above, this rate of development is not constant and is constantly changing.

Dogs, whose development speeds have slowed over the years, have a biological development equivalent to people in their 70’s when they reach the age of 4 and 54 when they are 14 years old. Therefore, it is not quite true to say that “our people have been living for so many years, according to people, at this age”.

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