The Teen Playing Games During Quarantine Lost His Life After Blood Clotting

A young football coach who passed the quarantine at home during the coronavirus period died because of deep vein thrombosis. It was stated that the late man spent time playing video games for a long time at home.

Life had stopped in the world for a while due to the coronavirus pandemic. We have recently begun to go out again with new normals. During the time we spent at home, we saw that many people turned to games to get rid of boredom.

One of these people was Louis O’Neill, who lived in England. The young trainer who worked in Center Parcs gave himself to the games after the start of the quarantine period. The young coach recently died due to deep vein thrombosis.

It is not right to stay still for hours

Louis, who did not heed his father Stanley Greening’s advice to move and walk occasionally and wanted to be alone, was disturbed by a blood clot in early June.

The young man, who fell down on the side of his bed, said to his father, who ran to his aid, “Dad, what is happening to me?” Unfortunately, the paramedics breathed their last breath before they arrived at the scene. Father Stanley Greening wrote a Facebook post on this topic.

The painful father said that it is normal to escape to the virtual world of games during the quarantine period, and that he spent hours in front of the screens. Stating that no one is waiting for a clot, Greening said, “If I can prevent even a single loss in my son’s name, this will be a light that will shine on Louis. So, for Louis, stand up. ”

Care must be taken not to stay still

Speaking to the BBC Three radio, Stanley explained that Louis played for 6-7 hours without getting up and taking a break, and he gained some weight in this process. Although it is normal to decrease mobility and gain some weight during the quarantine period, it is a wrong behavior not to move at all.

The health problem, called deep vein thrombosis, is that the blood clot in the vein generally breaks down and progresses through the bloodstream. The broken clot is called embolism, and the embolism can be fatal. You can reduce this risk by not standing still for a long time.

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