The Talk’s Sheryl Underwood Responds to Co-Host Sharon Osbourne Exit – Deadline

The speech host Sheryl Underwood has broken her silence over the controversy surrounding her former co-host Sharon Osbourne.

In a three part series of her Podcast , Underwood reflected on the fallout from the heated discussion she and Osbourne shared about the latter’s support for Piers Morgan, who drew attention for his comments against Meghan Markle and Price Harry. After Osbourne expressed support for Morgan, she faced even more backlash when she was accused of racist behavior by a former co-host, including Holly Robinson Peete. CBS launched an internal investigation which resulted in a disruption The speech and finally, the release of Osbourne.

In the first of three The speechrelated episodes, Underwood said she regretted that the heated discussion on air had taken place in the first place, noting that the explosive moment “was going to pass beyond my control. When asked why she hadn’t slammed Osbourne for leaving the daytime talk series, Underwood said she would support her friend “for good and for bad”.

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“There was a part of me that felt like she had to do the best for herself and her family,” Underwood said. “She had to do her best for her life.”

When Osbourne came out The speech back on March 26, his departure sparked a mixture of reactions. Some viewers and fans were excited about the move, others were disappointed and criticized CBS for “canceling the culture.” Underwood, however, said she couldn’t find solace in the current situation when The speech returns on April 12.

“My friends are under attack. It’s a situation where even things being said after the fact still don’t give me any comfort. It doesn’t comfort me, it opens up the wound even more, ”she said.

The controversy surrounding The speech and Osbourne had a learning time, Underwood said. She said that she and her fellow co-stars are “getting to know us”, reflecting on how the series will evolve and how it has changed. Although The speech will fire a short host, Underwood shared a message for fans:

“Continue to monitor our growth and evolution.”

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