The surprising truth about the PlayStation 5’s price!

PlayStation 5 managed to attract millions of people with its price and design. A research was conducted for this console, which was announced to be available on November 19, 2020. In this research, the US market and Sony’s price policy for PlayStation was discussed. Why is the information gathered by a company called Unikrn surprising?

PlayStation 5 made history with Sony

PlayStation, which was released in 1995, took its place on the shelves with $ 299. If we adapt this price to the present day with a 25-year inflation rate (71.80 percent), we see a price tag of 514 dollars.

PlayStation 2, which was offered for sale in 2000, could be purchased for $ 299. If we add the 20-year total inflation rate (52.80 percent) to this price, the current equivalent of PlayStation 2 is $ 457.

PlayStation 5 fiyatı

PlayStation 3, which was introduced to users in 2006, came out with prices starting from $ 499. When we adapt the 14-year total inflation rate (30.68 percent) to this price, we can actually say that this console was purchased at 652 dollars with today’s conditions.

A person who wanted to have a PlayStation 4, which was put on sale 7 years ago, had to spend $ 399 at that time. When we combined the 7-year inflation rate (12.01 percent) with $ 399, it turned out that today it can be purchased for 447 dollars.

PlayStation 5

The Digital Edition version of PlayStation 5 can be purchased for $ 399. PlayStation 5 Standard Edition was on sale for $ 499. When we look at the inflation rates of the US market and adapt them to today, we see a picture as follows:

1 – PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition) – $ 399
2 – PlayStation 4 – $ 447
3 – PlayStation 2 – $ 457
4 – PlayStation 5 (Standard Edition) – $ 499
5 – PlayStation – $ 514
6 – PlayStation 3 – $ 652

According to this list, Sony’s most affordable PlayStation model is PlayStation 5. Its selling price is lower than PlayStation 3. Considering the advantages of this console, which is offered to users with a price that is only $ 100 higher than the sales prices set for PlayStation and PlayStation 2, we can say that the PlayStation 5 offers a better price than the price-performance equation.

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