“The stupid things I do don’t heal anyone”

Actor Amit Sadh leaves social media (Photo credit: Instagram / theamitsadh)

Breathe actor Amit Sadh posted what will likely be his last Instagram post on Wednesday. In the post, he informed fans that he is quitting social media for good. In a long note, the actor said that in these difficult times of the pandemic, he was not right to spam people with meaningless messages.

“I’m going offline. Recent events have made me think about whether I should publish my photos and reels. Especially when my city of Mumbai and the whole state are under strict Covid restrictions, the whole country is going through a tough time. I believe my post and the gym workout reels, the stupid things I do, won’t cure or entertain anyone. This is not a criticism of anyone. Personally, I think the best way to be sensitive to the situation is to pray and hope things get better, ”he wrote in the post.

In his post, Amit Sadh also urged people to help those in need, especially daily betting.

Check out the post shared by Amit Sadh below:

Amit ended his three-para post by thanking the fans and assuring them that he is not abandoning them.

Amit Sadh also asked all his fans to take care of themselves, help the needy, pay wages on time and be safe.

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