The SSFF U-25 project offers young filmmakers opportunities

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia offers young filmmakers a platform.

The Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia has a special section for filmmakers who are just starting out. It’s called the U-25 project. Founded in 2019, the program supports young filmmakers in Japan and accepts short films under five minutes produced by directors under the age of 25.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia was established in 1999. It is one of the largest short film festivals in Asia and an Oscar-qualifying festival. This year’s festival takes place from June 11th to 21st and shows hundreds of short films.

Let’s look at that align from the U-25 project! These young names could be the next great filmmaker in a few years.

The films will be available online from June 8th.

“Breathe easy”Recognition: Akari Tada

Tokyo scenes

Ryan Ondo / 0:02:48 / Japan / Experimental / 2019

This film follows my travels around Tokyo as I search for the modern and traditional aspects of the city.


Tsubaki Takeda / 0:03:10 / Japan / Animation / 2021

It started with the Internet, followed by appearances on television and advertising. It was like an endless movie. Everyday events are dominated by such “moments”.


Itaru Nomoto / 0:04:33 / Japan / Comedy / 2020

A story that follows a man’s video diary, from falling in love to falling in love again.

Ofuton wo taberu

Nanami Obara / 0:01:38 / Japan / Videoart / 2020

Whenever you feel lonely, Ofuton is by your side. This video was shot in my house during quarantine.

‘Ofuton wo Taberu’Recognition: Nanami Obara

breathe a sigh of relief

Akari Tada / 0:02:54 / Japan / Animation / 2021

When you’re dead tired and walking down the street alone at night. Don’t you have the feeling that the machine gives off a warm presence on the street and you want to approach it? It reveals a moment when people want to take a deep breath and rely on the power of machines.


Teppei Sato / 0:04:59 / Japan / Drama / 2021

Chewing gum has never been chewed by anyone and still retains its original beautiful shape as it leads a lonely life every day. One day he ran into someone in the park. What did he think during the encounter?


Kazuki Yuhara / 0:04:18 / Japan / Animation / 2020

The elderly Canary Islands longs for the sun and goes into space. Wrapped in fire, Canaria sings a revival song on his comeback.


Takuro Ijichi / 0:04:14 / China / Sci-Fi / 2020

Noel, who never left his place of birth to step out into the world, meets Sophie. Noel’s encounter with this girl helps him realize what is really important to him.

“The formula of love”Recognition: Konomi Onozato

indifferent person

Kae Hatsumura / 0:00:59 / Japan / Animation / 2020

Many social problems arise around the protagonist. The protagonist is aware of this, but chooses to pretend they don’t know …

The formula of love

Konomi Onozato / 0:04:16 / Japan / Drama / 2021

The autistic boy falls in love with his classmate and tries to convey his feelings in a unique way.


Yuki Kusama / 0:03:12 / Japan / Animation / 2021

Nice weather is best for an outdoor picnic. Bunny the rabbit came for a picnic on this inviting warm and beautiful day. Let’s have lunch here. And so began Bunny’s disastrous day.

‘Picnic’Recognition: Yuki Kusama

The ones who go away

Lisa Siera / 0:05:00 / Japan / Fantasy / 2020

Have you ever wished you could just get out of this world, flee, and never come back?


Miyu Shimizu / 0:04:59 / Japan / Animation / 2021

The main character Mio loves to draw. Her grandfather always said her works were “great”. Mio went to art college, but it didn’t go well. Just as Mio is beginning to lose confidence in herself, her grandfather died too. At that time someone appeared in front of Mio …

If you’re a young filmmaker who isn’t ready to do your own projects just yet, there is one KIDS program also. These short films are dialog-free and come from makers all over the world.

You can watch these films online from June 8th.

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