The secret sauce of ‘Star Wars’ is that it’s good to be bad

With the premiere of The bad batch, Executive Producer Dave Filoni continues war of stars Justice.

On the surface, war of stars has always been a story of simple black and white, light and dark. Also in its coloring. Luke wears white. Vader wears black. George Lucas himself famously said, “Bad guys get red lightsabers and good guys get blue.” Keep it simple Joseph Campbell. You know the exercise.

But the real secret sauce is the choice, regardless.

What does war of stars What is great is that there is moral ambiguity between these polarities. This is embodied by various signs over time, but initially only one.

Han Solo was the key too war of stars (1977). Not just because Harrison Ford played the role. It’s virtually impossible to separate Ford’s fame from the role of Han, but the two things merged, creating a new superstar and another iconic rendition of a familiar archetype that rivals those of Bogart and Gable, or all of Lord Byron’s until was written Raymond Chandler.

In a universe of good and bad as simple as day, Han served as the perfect antidote to this false simplicity. He didn’t want to be one. He wasn’t sure where he was going to end up. He finally made up his mind. (Well, for now.)

The story arc of the first war of stars The film is Hans Bogen. Luke is the protagonist, but it would be like anything else if it all didn’t depend on what Han chose. Good or bad?

What does war of stars different to Lord of the Rings? Han, of course. The spray of uncertainty.

The same goes for Luke and Vader later in the following episodes of the series. Darth Vader becomes a fascinating figure when he is introduced to internal conflicts. He becomes an even more dynamic character than Han, who is pretty much all good by the end of the trilogy.

Every time there are new ones war of stars Content Created It seems that this all-important piece is missing. They even brought Han Solo back in sequels but didn’t let it serve its real purpose. It would be like a Bond movie where Bond renounced drinking, fast cars, women, and spying. What’s the point of being Bond anyway?

There’s a part of that war of stars creative world that consistently finds and uses morally insecure characters. This is Dave Filoni and the team he worked with The Clone Wars, Rebels, and now The bad batch.

These animated series end up being more complex than any modern live-action entry, except maybe Rogue Onewhich also pulled off the secret Han Solo sauce perfectly.

Filoni studied alongside Lucas and has often shared the lessons he learned from it. It is important to make sure that the universe represents good and bad to children of young and old, but when there is no choice between good and bad … what is it about?

For characters in children’s stories, it is important to ask some questions of moral standing. It is what drives the lesson or the parable. Filonis Clone wars The series spanned a period in which a villain faced two armed forces against each other in a protracted armed conflict in which there were few true heroes and true villains. The focus shifted to those caught in the middle.

The bad batch goes one step further. A team of special clone troops is unsure of their role in a changing political landscape. Bred for a war that’s over, maybe working for the bad guys, unsure whether to obey orders … even the main character looks a lot like Rambo … and not just to evoke the spirit of the sheer action of First blood 2: Rambobut clear to evoke the moral complexities of First blood.

How far will The bad batch take these ideas? Ultimately, we know it only gets this dark as this is meant to be uplifting stories for kids of all ages (including 40 year olds). But the point remains, Filoni and Co. “get it,” and that’s why these series continue to work better than some of the larger live-action entries in the same franchise.

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