The royal staff fears the upcoming release of his biography!

The royal family is worried! Meghan Markle and Herry’s biography is due out soon … and could cause problems! Concern within the royal family: what could Meghan Markle and Prince Harry say in their biography to be released? Secrets revealed, internal quarrels, tensions: everyone is therefore afraid of revelations!

Because with the Megxit, the royal family is divided… But the problems remain! Some believed that the removal of the Sussexes would ease tensions. But some resentments do not change …

We think of the statue of Lady Diana which should have seen the light of day in Kensington Gardens. A nice project but the quarrel between Harry and William prevents progress … And Meghan Markle is still at the heart!

The actress indeed seems to be at the heart of all evil. So the Tabloids rarely spare her … Is she really the power and money-hungry manipulator that many have described? She will finally be able to answer …

And give her version of the Megxit, of her entry into the royal family, but also of the atmosphere around her … What will Meghan Markle say? Everyone is therefore waiting for the Sussex version, according to the Daily Mail.


“Finding freedom” … Even the title does not engage the royal family in imagining a positive version. Because the Sussexes did not live well their place within the royal family …

According to some extracts already revealed, Prince Harry would have even decided to move. While everyone thought the idea came from Meghan Markle! A first revelation which could therefore augur others …

The royal family is therefore trembling a little. Witnesses seem for the moment rather on their side in the media … But this time, Finding Freedom could portray a different reality.

Are we going to witness a second fracture within the royal family? Lady Diana wanted to make revelations before her death … Meghan Markle she therefore takes up the torch?

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