The relationship between Adam and Kim in season 8

The police action drama series Chicago P.D., will premiere season 8 on November 11 as set on its fall schedule by NBC since August when it announced the schedule.

Recall that the Chicago P.D. It was stopped in November due to the blockade generated by the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting the world. Therefore, the crew and the cast took a mandatory break to avoid any risk of contagion on the film set.

However, in mid-October they resumed filming work on the scenes that will be part of the new episodes of season 8 of the fan-favorite police drama Chicago P.D.

Chicago fans P.D. They have been intrigued throughout the show’s long run by Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek’s on-and-off relationship. Since season one, the couple have done nothing but come and go with their feelings.

Recall that after a long time, the Chicago officer couple P.D. They got back together in season 7, when Kim got pregnant, later losing the baby unfortunately. The devastating moment for Kim and Adam, made fans think that this would be the moment for both of them to definitely bond.

And it is that this idea about the definitive union between Kim and Adam, was reinforced when the Chicago showrunner P.D. Rick Eid told TV Guide that with the arrival of the new season they will see “happier times.” This statement caused fans to interpret that the intermittent relationship between the officers could come to an end.

Now, in another recent statement to TV Insider, Chicago showrunner P.D. he hinted that Kim and Adam’s relationship “is doomed” and that they might not end together.

In this regard, Eid posed the question to fans if Kim and Adam were better as friends. It might make sense to write the two of you as friends, as their relationship has always been on and off. Eid hinted that Kim and Adam are not heading to a meeting and that their relationship could end for good.

The statements of the producer and Chicago P.D. About the officers’ spot, he could also hint that both Kim and Adam could achieve happiness if they each established a romantic relationship with other half oranges. However, this will be known when the premiere of the new season 8 arrives.

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