The reaction Jin When Someone Calls Him Old

The idol got a joke for complaining about this. That’s how Jin responds when they call him old.

The boys of BTS have spent 7 years together, they started their dream when they were very young and the passage of time gave them the gift of success that they so much sought with their effort. Although they maintain their essence, time has made them mature and turn years, but they are still in their 20s. What happens when they joke about age with Jin? Jin is known as the Worldwide Handsome, he was nicknamed like this because of his Incredible self-confidence and self-esteem, which has been an inspiration to BTS in their songs and speeches to motivate ARMY to speak up and always speak for themselves.

Of the many anecdotes shared by the boys, there is a behind-the-scenes video where the group just finished a presentation. While Jungkook is praised for his long legs, Jin suffers from tremors every time he finishes dancing.

The idol complained about a tremor in his legs and Jimin decided to joke with him saying: “It is because you are already old.” Jin, true to his way of being and responsive style, was genuinely outraged and said that there would always be someone to upset you. LOL

However, to Jin’s comfort, his partner Jungkook said there was nothing wrong, after all he was beautiful. Awwwww! The idol thanked him and said he was a great friend. He also promised that he would work harder since then.

It is not the first time that Jin jokes about age, he recently published in Weverse that when it rains he has cold knees and expressed his nostalgia for youth. He is the oldest member of the group, he is about to turn 28, (29 in Korean age), but he does not seem to be self-conscious about it.

Despite the fact that his body may hurt, it is clear that they always strive in each show, the K-pop choreography is very demanding. ARMY has shared some photos on social networks to admire his legs.

Jungkook has also been the center of attention for his legs, which are considered long and aesthetic, and he placed himself in a ranking of idols with “Long and Crazy Legs”, which make him look taller than he is.

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