The old Facebook design is finished! Here is the date

Facebook, once the only and biggest social media platform, has lost its popularity, but still appeals to a large audience. The platform, which received the reaction of this audience with the new design that came into effect last year, is now preparing to pull the plug for the old Facebook design.

When will the old Facebook design be dated?

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg was expected to have already made the decision that would have hurt these Facebook users had the epidemic not intervened. After the coronavirus epidemic, this radical change was delayed like everything else. Now, as of September, it will become the only option for those using the new Facebook design platform.

The cumbersome and complex structure of the old design caused especially the young audience to move away from the platform. The homepage, which is integrated with Instagram and has a modern, more mobile-friendly design, plans to attract new users more easily.

In fact, this modern design was open to users who wanted it for the last year. If this is within a year, the number of users who do not leave the old design is not less. In fact, many Facebook groups that started a campaign were established to return the old Facebook design.

If you remember, years ago Facebook again went through a radical design change and gathered reaction. However, after a while, Facebook users got used to this design.

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