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Nominated in the categories Oscar for International Feature Film and Oscar for Best Director, Thomas Vinterberg Another round is a life-affirming film that uses experimentation with alcohol as a means to propel drama. Everywhere there are elements of tragedy and comedy in a story that Vinterberg called “the indomitable beast.” It all tops off with a breathtaking streak that is hopeful, joyful and also somewhat open. The team approached it with special attention, as Vinterberg and Mikkelsen told us during Deadline: The Nominees’ Contenders all day event.

Mikkelsen, who dusted off her dancing shoes for this scene, says she was the subject of a lot of discussion and hesitation. He said to me, “Let’s put it that way, I was a little nervous that this might sound pretentious or that we would miss the mark somehow.” Vinterberg, Mikkelsen said, was “a little more convinced than I was and I was getting more and more convinced as I realized the film was an embrace of life in general and then when I saw all the young people of the day intoxicated with life, everything made sense.

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Although he still carried some “anxiety” Mikkelsen was even more upset when he “looked at the monitor’s tent and Thomas’s wife was sitting there and she was just beaming and beaming for every take she looked at.” I’m really excited to watch it, it’s a scene where we wanted a man to fly and fall at the same time and I think we got there.

Vinterberg told me, “We were a little nervous doing this, but it seems people are enjoying it, so there is a sense of self-confidence that arises with this scene that was not. there when we shot it. It was very brave of Mads to go into this, because we were all nervous that it could get private or just silly and weird, and Mads do it with so much heart and give it everything. what he had was very, very brave.

He continued, “Sometimes you get a feeling when you do something that seems crazy, or even suicidal, and that’s where you should really step in, do it. I’ve had this feeling a few times in my career where things just felt a little too heavy and then doing it anyway creates a great feeling of being alive.

Vinterberg, who is back in the Oscar race after his 2012 film The hunt (also starring Mikkelsen) was nominated in what was then the Foreign Languages ​​category, also reteamed with frequent co-writer Tobias Lindholm on Another round. Both men are nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the BAFTAs with Another roundThe other three names for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Lead Actor. The film has won a myriad of awards from awarding bodies and review groups and was the best draw in Denmark in 2020.

For Lindholm (including the third feature film as director, 2015 A war, was nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language), Another round has a “magic” which is “just telling a story that admits it’s hard to live a life.” We live in a very privileged part of the world and Denmark is supposed to be the happiest person who lives in a very safe environment; nonetheless, it is really difficult to live a life. You wake up in the morning and you struggle to be the best you can be and in these times with social media and Instagram and all these types of performances where you have to take the best version of yourself in the world it’s just getting more and more. more difficult to do. live. This movie admits that it’s hard to live a life and every once in a while you need help thawing, reinventing yourself, coming back to life. “

Lindholm calls the alcohol theory – first invented by Norwegian psychiatrist Finn Skårderud – ‘the little engine’ and Vinterberg’s’ brilliant way ‘of exploring alcohol’ because as soon as it was there, it was an experience we could have but also relate to. He added, “I have to admit that when I have drunk half a glass or a tall glass of wine, I become slightly a better father, and probably a better listener than I am without alcohol. So I become. I immediately linked to the idea and for me that was the key. It’s a very human film. “

It’s also “the most Danish film we’ve ever made,” admitted Vinterberg, and yet “suddenly we have the world’s attention”. He said: “It’s interesting how much the specificity gets broader than when you do something general – it seems like it piques people’s interest if you’re very specific about it.” But, he said to himself, “I’m sure there are two things we have in common with the rest of the world, like being interested in alcohol and drinking and being interested in improving your life and being inspired.” . “

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