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Every time you get an Oscar nomination it’s exciting, but ultimately when one of Hollywood’s biggest stars sings your praises for your work on her project, it’s hard to beat that feeling.

“It was very rewarding for Tom [Hanks] to come out with that statement, not only because he was the star of the film, but he also wrote the screenplay and was one of the producers, and he was instrumental in post-production in setting up of the film ”, declared Doggy style sound production mixer David Wyman at Deadline: The Nominees ‘Contenders virtual event, referencing Hanks’ interview last summer with The Guardian in which he said he wished the film could be in theaters for the picture and sound experiments.

Film Contenders: The Nominees – Watch the livestream

“For him, showcasing our profession as part of the reason to go see this film was fantastic. I’m really sad that I couldn’t have seen this in theaters, it’s a visceral experience, and seeing your own work in the environment that was made for is very rewarding and it’s something that I hope i can do someday. . “

The Apple Studios movie stars Hanks as the commander of the United States Navy leading an Allied convoy hunted down by a pack of German underwater wolves. While the film features some incredible action scenes where sound is emphasized, re-recording mixer Beau Borders told the Apple Studios panel that those smaller sonar scenes are just as important in creating tension in the film. .

“Right off the bat, we were going just for the momentum and the tension,” Borders said. “Whether it was a musical signal, whether it was the interlocking dialogue of those back-and-forth controls, whether it was the moan of a ship or a torpedo in the water, we were constantly looking for what sound was selling tension. ? What sound sells the momentum? In the case of the sonar pings, they essentially became like a heartbeat in themselves.

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