The MV “Life Goes On” of BTS reached 100 million views after two days

The MV “Life Goes On” of the bulletproof youth group (BTS) was officially announced at 2pm on November 20 (KST) on Youtube.

After two days of release, the MV has reached 100 million views on the afternoon of November 22.

MV “Life Goes On” directed by member Jung-kook tells about the members’ gentle daily lives during the COVID-19 season. The 7 members indirectly expressed their nostalgia to fans through the re-enactment of a stage that used to perform in the past filled the audience, but this time, the stage was empty.

On November 22, BTS officially announced the MV “Life Goes On” version “on my pillow” on the official Youtube channel. BTS is also expected to perform a fanclub version MV, also known as the group’s fandom called “Army”, through a challenge on the social network TikTok.

On November 21, BTS launched the #LifeGoesOn challenge on this app. Different from the challenge of covering the available choreography, this time the challenge with content demonstrates the spirit of the song in their own way. Accordingly, BTS will select a number of “Army” products that have participated in the challenge to create the fandom version of the “Life Goes On” MV, scheduled to be announced on November 30.

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