The Marijuana Conspiracy (2021) movie review

We first meet Mary (Julia Sarah Stone) with short hair and on the street. She gives advice to a young woman out of her element on a Toronto street. “Go home,” she told him, offering some money to get a bus ticket back to a safer environment. This experience will not only give Mary a place to live, but also money that she can use for her own house once she is finished. Next, we meet Mary’s co-worker Jane (Brittany Bristow) as she is dismissed for a promotion she deserved in her company. Her boss tells her that they were afraid she would get pregnant. He also quotes Bob Dylan, calls him a “broad,” and is dismissive before insulting him and resigning. Finally, we meet Mourinda (Tymika Tafari), the required black girl who speaks candidly, has fun and keeps her joints in her enviable Afro. “They never look here!” she said to her boyfriend. “Because they are afraid of it.”

Meanwhile, Dr Barry meets with a government official to discuss the experience that will bring these young women together, a study of young people between the ages of 18 and 25. The official makes no attempt to hide that he is hoping for a result that can be skewed to his advantage, but even after Barry calls the ruse he still signs up for it “to see how it all goes.” That’s what behaviorists do, he tells us. While not a full-fledged antagonist, Barry is still bad news, upping the THC content in order to hasten negative side effects in his subjects. When the group rallies in protest, demanding to know what happens to their bodies, otherwise they will quit, Barry breaks their union by offering more money to those who complete the study.

In fact, all of the men we meet range from skeevy to sordid to odious. On the skeevy specter, though the film thinks he’s harmless, is Adam (Luke Bilyk), a young man Barry hires as one of its watchers. Women will have observers, medical and scientific, monitoring them at all times to monitor their progress. People observed find this frightening. Adam especially enjoys watching Janice (Kyla Avril Young), who in one scene is clearly uncomfortable with her inability to keep her damn eyes in her head. Even the rest of the group point out that he looks like a wolf in a Tex Avery cartoon. He’s the wrong type of guy to hang out with a bunch of women who might not always have their minds on them, and while “The Marijuana Conspiracy” does its best to keep its romantic affairs consensual, it does. is a bad idea that distracts us with an unnecessary subplot.

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