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Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant’s antics, Nikki Tamboli’s silly tricks against Rubina Dilaik’s fights, desperate attempts to save the series (Photo credit – Instagram)

If ever there was a season where Bigg Boss went all wrong, it must be Season 14 in progress. There is only one way to remember the current season in the history of the series – season 14 will be remembered as one that never really had the storyline to feast on, and also one of the most boring ever.

As we move into the final stages of the series, the creators still don’t seem to know how to launch this season’s entertainment brand. Over the past few days in particular, they’ve tried everything, Sidharth Shukla, Rakhi Sawant and more to make the show interesting.

Still, all of the past contestants we talked about that got to shake things up in Bigg Boss 14, as well as all the tried and true stuff from seasons past, fell flat.

We take a look at a few desperate stuff that ended up calming down and mostly backfired, making fans wonder if the makers should be thinking about returning with a Season 15 next year if they don’t really have a solid reason. to do.


In the 14th season, going out became a matter of convenience. The way the roommates come in and out of the house, it seems like Bigg Boss is a side show for everyone to come and join in when there is nothing else to do outside the house!

Previously, there was suspense about random releases. Evicted candidates would be taken to a “secret room”, where they would stay for a few days and remain constantly vigilant about what other roommates were saying or doing behind their backs. Random entries allowed the creators to fill the house with riff-raff. The reasons for the exits are far from convincing. That the whole exiting trick was more of a helpless measure than a strategy became evident when Eijaz Khan, one of the season’s strongest contenders, stepped out to shoot a web series. Or Aly Goni, brought back without rhyme or reason, left the series halfway because of a task!


Drama queen Rakhi Sawant has been brought in as a challenger to shake things up in a sleeping house. Over the past few weeks, she has entered chudail mode, ghajini mode, tattooed Abhinav’s name and joked all about her countless chin surgeries – sorry, nose and bust – and yet the impact is far from which she had successfully competed on the first season.

Rakhi’s antics frankly started to sound boring and repetitive. The problem with Rakhi is that she doesn’t know where to end a gag. For example, his gimmicky love story for Abhinav Shukla. It’s totally okay to clown about this for a while like she did. The problem is, she kept dragging the gadget – with ‘sindoor’ and tattoos and talking about having it as her sperm donor – so much so that she only managed to pull out a yawn.


When you can’t be the favorite on a game show, pair it with the favorite – it keeps you in the spotlight. Rahul Vaidya doesn’t like TV actress Rubina Dilaik, but he knows partnering up with her somehow will only keep him in the news. In Bigg Boss 14, it looks like Rahul is battling Rubina to stay on viewers’ minds. From the first to the hundredth day, Rahul mostly managed to stay in the news thanks to his fights with Rubina and her husband Abhinav Shukla. The problem is, no one keeps the scores anymore. It has become predictable.


Nikki Tamboli initially seemed like one of the most exciting entries in the Bigg Boss 14 house. It soon turned out that she had no idea how to play this game. Over the weeks she was loud. and weird, and in the process eclipsed by others. The problem with unnecessary assault in behavior is that people stop caring after a certain point. This is what went wrong with Nikki’s game plan. People are no longer excited about it.

After returning to school, along with Rakhi Sawant and Arshi Khan, Nikki tried a new trick. She pretends to be stupid and irritating. She kept one thing from her original game plan: to be strong. It is also boring.


Okay, Abhinav Shukla was the dark horse on the show and no one knew he might be in the show’s final weeks, but how did he get there? The roommates have never hassled any words about being his wife Rubina Dilaik’s shadow and having his fans vote for him. The only thing Abhinav has kept in the house since day one of the show is walking around topless, flaunting his well-chiseled abs – just like host Salman Khan does in his films. But to watch Salman go on the big screen watching Abhinav rehash machismo as he does paranthas in the kitchen is ridiculous to say the least.

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