The Last of Us Day: Naughty Dog, activity

Kicking off the celebrations of The Last of Us Day, scheduled to take place this Saturday, the 16th, Naughty Dog released a preview of the event to further fan fans eagerly awaiting news about the franchise. And to celebrate the success of The Last of Us Part II with the players, the developer tried to make a dynamic theme available for free, which can now be redeemed via the PS Store.

In partnership with the record label Mondo, the studio revealed an exclusive and limited soundtrack of The Last of Us Part II on vinyl, containing all the songs played in the game and two freebie posters, with art designed by designer Tula Lotay. In addition, Ellie and Joel will win a series of collectibles made by Gaming Heads and Mamegyorai Collectibles, with statues of various sizes and in a special finish reproducing scenes and events from the franchise’s games.

The Last of Us Day will also introduce, first hand, the first news about the boardgame produced by CMON, exclusive Funko Pop dolls of the brand, new products from the clothing and utility lines, and a photo contest with the captures made in Mode Photo of both games.

Previously known as Outbreak Day, the ceremony was renamed The Last of Us Day due to the pandemic, since the organizers started to disagree with the original title due to the complicated world situation. The event is scheduled to take place this Saturday, the 26th, so stay tuned!

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