The Last of US 2 multiplayer mode and first images

The first images of the multiplayer mode of the game The Last of US appear on the network before it is available

Much has been said about the new game The Last of Us in its second installment, it is one of the games that had been most expected throughout the year and finally arrived a few weeks ago, one of the biggest attractions that the game has is the promise that multiplayer will be added in the future.

Before its launch, The Last of US II had several leaks and rumors about the gameplays, and today the same thing happened, but already about the story mode, now it has been with respect to the multiplayer mode.

Today a video appeared where you can perfectly see the multiplayer mode of the popular game The Last of Us Part 2 that was released very recently; This is a very short video clip where you can see some details of the PvP mode of the Naughty Dog game.

TLoUII will have a superior multiplayer mode

The funny thing is that to date this multiplayer mode has not been added, which has caused a lot of curiosity to everyone who has seen the video of the multiplayer mode, because the promise of Naughty Dog is that in this sequel the experience will be improved compared to the multiplayer mode of the first part.

This new multiplayer mode in the second part of The Last of Us will be called Factions and the leaked video today shows 11 seconds where you can see a couple of players fighting with knives and simultaneously, a third uses the bow to repel to the opponents.

Despite the fact that the resolution of the video is quite poor, it gives the impression that different avatars can be chosen when playing, in addition it is estimated that the NPCs and protagonists of the story of The Last of Us II will be eligible as well.

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