The harsh response from Biden to Trump

Donald Trump, the loser of the presidential election in the USA, claimed that there was corruption in the elections, while Joe Biden said that it was a shame that Trump did not admit defeat.

In the US presidential elections held on November 3, postal voting due to coronavirus delayed the results. According to the latest data, while Democrat candidate Joe Biden became the new president of the United States, Donald Trump began to claim that there was corruption in the elections as soon as he fell behind.

While Trump’s campaign team applied to court in some states, Joe Biden said it was a shame that Trump did not admit to his election defeat. Despite this, Biden said in his statements that nothing could stand in the way of the change of power.

It may take a few weeks for states to announce official results

In the USA, the election results are announced primarily based on the estimates and calculations of the US press. The official results of the states can take several weeks to be announced and approved. No state has reached this stage yet.


Answering a reporter’s question about Trump’s attitude, Biden said “It harms the legacy he will leave behind” and emphasized that no one can prevent him from taking office on January 20.

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