The guys who edited ‘Borat’ tell everything

A story comes together in processing. Especially this species.

Borat Follow-up movie film took over the culture for a minute or two in the fall of 2020, and not just because Sacha Baron Cohen has a knack for it with his comedic stylings, but because timing … is everything. In the heat of an electoral cycle, Borat rattled the carotid artery and set American culture on its heels again.

We speak to the movie’s editors, James Thomas, Craig Alpert, and Michael Giambra to learn how they saw it and put it together.

All three have had amazing careers both at Cohen and on their own. Not only did you cut Cohen’s work, but much of it best Comedy from the last decade plus. They talk about working with Cohen, working with comedic geniuses of all kinds, and finding the keys to making a story that alternates in the most important way between scripted and unscripted work.

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