The first look at this new mirrorless animal

Little is known about the upcoming Canon EOS R3 mirrorless camera, but now we finally have a hands-on look at what Canon has in store.

Yet again, Gordon Laing at Cameralabs keeps track of a new unreleased camera. This time he took a look at the Canon EOS R3 over what appears to be a pre-production model.

From the look of things, the form factor seems almost identical to that of the EOS 1DX Mark III, just a little smaller, mirrorless and with a more video-oriented twist. With the same built-in portrait-style handle as well as the really nifty optical joystick controller and even the same batteries, this camera seems like a great companion for the 1DX Mark III.

There are a couple of pretty notable features rumored about this camera, namely the internal RAW 4K recording (which unfortunately is supposed to be maximum at 30 fps) as well as a 6K resolution downsampling sensor for super sharp 4K video.

The most exciting thing I’ve heard about this camera so far is that Canon mentioned some type of eye tracking that would shift the camera’s autofocus search range when using the viewfinder. This would be a huge feature and would allow Canon to continue to top the list as the best camera manufacturer for top notch autofocus features (in my humble opinion).

What do you think of this camera? Share your reactions in the comments.

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