The first episode of Kaley Cuoco Nun’s new series

It is nothing more and nothing less than the highly anticipated series The Flight Attendant which stars Cuoco. In it, the actress plays a flight attendant who upon waking up finds a corpse sharing her bed, which occurs after a night of debauchery, from there a series of mysteries are unleashed that surround the plot.

The first episode will be released next Thursday (Nov 26), but it’s actually available to watch a week early, like now, and for free, but there are a catch or two.

First of all, there is no HBO Max in Latin America yet, so this doesn’t really apply outside of the US.

Second, existing subscribers do not have the option to watch the pilot episode early, the option is only available to new subscribers.

That can be really annoying for current customers, however there is a seven-day free trial option. So if you really want to watch the show in advance, it won’t cost you anything to sign up and see if trial members can sign in and then cancel before the trial period ends.

Then again, that’s not the only way HBO Max is pushing this dark comedy. It so happens that the deadline was reported to air more traditionally when it comes to Thanksgiving weekend.

In turn, it will first be available through HBO, On Demand as well as the “streaming platforms of selected partners” for a week from Friday, November 27 and then on TBS the following Sunday (November 29). It is expected that for December 3 and December 10 they will each see two new episodes, and the season finale will arrive on December 17.

During the promotion of the show, Cuoco revealed that his hair caught fire at one point during production and that he told “a little white lie” to get the show off the ground, so to speak.

The Flight Attendant (technically) premieres November 26 on HBO Max.

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