‘The Equalizer’ Honors Executive Producer Richard Lindheim in Post-Super Bowl Premiere – Deadline

The new CBS drama Equalizer dedicated its premiere to series executive producer Richard Lindheim, who died of heart failure on January 18 at the age of 85. The post-Super Bowl debut, which likely drew tens of millions of viewers, ended with a card that read, “Dedicated to memory of Richard Lindheim.” (You can see it below.)

A television veteran, Lindheim co-created the 1985 series Equalizer, which ran on CBS for four years and spawned a blockbuster movie starring Denzel Washington and a reimagining CBS series, titled by Queen Latifah. The Lindheim executive produced the new series, which landed the most prestigious slot machine ever, behind the Super Bowl.

“He watched the dailies of Equalizer until the last day; he was so excited to see the show go into production and was ready to listen and watch the premiere, ”Lindheim’s son-in-law Ezra Dweck told Deadline at the time of his death.


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