The controversial erotic thriller ‘365 Days’ receives Part 2 and Part 3 on Netflix

While many streamers longed for it Normal people and Bridgerton In 2020 the underground awesome hit for real minds was a mysterious foreign film called 365 days.

Apparently only through word of mouth the Polish film (previously titled) 365 dni) snuck into Netflix’s top 10 and stayed there for quite a while in 2020.

Netflix has not only illuminated one green for each variety two sequels to it 365 days which are now in production – noting that the streamer will likely be more involved in the sequels when they are commissioned, unlike the original 365 days, that was an acquisition.

The film is based on the first of three erotic novels by Blanka Lipińska. Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka both return as Massimo and Laura, the lovers at the center of the film. Magdalena Lamparska and Otar Saralidze also return as Olga and Dominico respectively.

Model Simone Susinna takes part in the sequels. He plays a character named Nacho who rivals Laura’s affection in the books. (Cue a lot of bad “what do you call a man who’s not yours” jokes.)

If you missed the first one or intentionally avoided it, 365 days is about a man who kidnaps a woman and gives her a year to fall in love with him.

Recognition: Netflix

The portrayal of sexual violence in the film and the claim by many critics that it eroticized rape culture, manipulation and Stockholm Syndrome had a lot of backlash. That didn’t stop Netflix from promoting the film on its platform, nor did it stop them from releasing two sequels.

Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomenon. The film and book trilogy that inspired it are often compared to Fifty shades of gray that was also conditional Criticism of the representation of the BDSM game and relationship power dynamics, but that didn’t stop them from achieving massive success and multiple sequels.

The inspiration for Fifty shades, dusk, also checked for Fantasizing problematic behaviors in a relationship.

One can only hope that any benefit to Netflix’s involvement in the second and third installments may be perverse Not Vanilla with no romanticizing abuse – which is entirely possible as romance and erotic writers line up around the block to tell you. The lifting of disbelief need not overlap with the lifting of consent.

On the production side, this seems pessimistic an indication that Netflix, as a studio, cares more about its top 10 stats than about ratings, reception, or even the message they send to our living rooms.

365 days has also been nominated for several Razzie Awards. On the other hand … that’s not necessarily a bad thing in every case.

Those of us more interested in audience outcomes than critical outcomes may find a silver lining here. May be.

What do you think?

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