The Case for Bo Burnham as Best Supporting Actor of 2020 | Features

Emerald Fennell’s feature debut as a director could easily be argued to be the best cast title of 2020. This fierce black comedy about a woman’s quest for revenge in the face of abject rape culture has the knack of a murderer. Every role, from his main dominant Carey Mulligan performance to five-minute cameos, is inhabited by the perfect actor. It seems a little cheap to note how well-chosen all the men are in a movie so deeply focused on a woman’s struggle, but it’s true: from the Eternal Good Guy Adam Brody as a stand of a Potential evening whose morale soars out the window in a heartbeat for the velvet-voiced villain of many films, Clancy Brown, as a calm father whose stoic exterior betrays his growing impatience with Mulligan’s antics . And then there’s Bo Burnham.

The multi-talented actor-director-comedian who has been very excited by the industry since his teens doesn’t appear to be the first choice for this story. Her character, Ryan Cooper, walks into the quaint cafe where Cassie works, Mulligan’s Revenge, tall, lanky and sweetly endearing. He flirts with the sardonic Cassie, a former medical school classmate, and makes it seem like even our hardened heroine, who has a one-woman mission to get revenge for the rape and death of her best friend, can not help but hot for him. Burnham is handsome but as the lovable heroine’s best friend usually is – the guy who ultimately won her heart after being courted and dumped by Channing Tatum. When Burnham enters the movie, it suddenly becomes a different story. Now, “Promising Young Woman” is a romantic comedy, and a pretty good one at that.

The jarring tonal changes of Fennell’s thorny storyline largely because Burnham is such a quietly dominant force that the viewer is carried away by the fantasy he promises. It goes against every fiber of the being of the beholder to want the “nice guy to save the day” to end happily-always for Cassie, where she abandons her revenge plans and leads a good life with a man. magnet. Indeed, the film is built on the premise that such things are a pathetic delusion. Still, like the best heroes in romantic comedy, Burnham’s performance brings vitality to this audience’s dream. He is the rather handsome guy whose tricks do not always appear but his presence is always welcome. Burnham would fit in perfectly as one of Lisa Simpson’s non-threatening boys. When he breaks out in song at a drugstore, awkwardly performing Paris Hilton’s song “Stars Are Blind,” he feels like the romantic hero of every Netflix comedy, the love interest of memes whose childish charm deliberately repels brothers, the jocks, and the goosebumps. For a brief moment, it seems like he’s the exception to the rule that Cassie went through throughout the movie. All men, when given the opportunity, will harm women. But not Ryan, right? #NotAllMen?

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