The Boys: end may be as controversial Game of Thrones

The Boys series may have an ending that would enrage fans more than Game of Thrones! In 2019, the end of one of the most watched series of all time disappointed anxious viewers, while Jon Snow murdered the acclaimed queen Daenerys Targaryen to take the throne of Westeros, rejected the crown and returned to his post as guardian of the Wall.

So, it seems hard to imagine that something is even more intense and controversial, right? Well … think again!

The Boys’ final could disappoint

Although the series does not always follow comics, the production of Amazon Prime Video may follow the same end as comics, which would shock many people.

After all, in the story drawn, The Boys are in a kind of trance because of compound V, which leads them to make some hasty decisions. With that, Butcher brutally murders Mother’s Milk, Frenchie and the Female.

Then, Hughie, the group’s only survivor, kills Butcher, saving millions of people. Soon, the end would be a bloodbath much like the last episode of Game of Thrones. It is also controversial.

As much as the dark side of Daenerys was revealed, her premature death was a real disappointment for anyone who accompanied her long journey from Essos to the kingdom on the other side of the world, Westeros.

So far, in the series, compound V does not seem to be relevant again, but there is no way to definitively rule out this possibility. In fact, this real ending could even be a way to impress fans and critics, although it can generate some outrage over the deaths of some of the favorite characters.

While The Boys is on its way to start production on its 3rd season, we can only wait to see what the creative minds of the directors have in store for superheroes.

What do you think will happen? Do we have the same ending as the comics? Leave your opinion below!

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