The Battle Within: Aditya Roy Kapur Trained With Assault Weapons For 4 Months! More details inside

Om – The Battle Within: A Tale Of Aditya Roy Kapur’s Hardwork (Photo credit: IMDb)

Aditya Roy Kapur is one of the hardworking actors of the younger generation of Bollywood. Unfortunately, its potential has never been fully exploited and therefore remains to be underestimated. Lately he’s been starring in some really good movies and his upcoming Om – The Battle Within is something everyone is looking forward to.

A few months ago the movie’s first look poster was unveiled and in no time it became a huge hit on social media. He has Aditya in a never-before-seen rugged avatar with a ‘ready for action’ look. This will be Aditya’s very first action entertainer.

Recently, Kapil Verma, who directs Om – The Battle Within, spoke about the hard work Aditya Roy Kapur has put into the film. For starters, as Covid-19 restricted the opening of gyms, a special gym was built in Aditya’s house. Ahmed Khan, who produced the film, had reserved a room in Bandra for rehearsals. There, Aditya trained in martial arts and did cardio for two hours a day.

Not only that, Aditya Roy Kapur trained in Kung fu, Tai Chi and handling of assault weapons for not one or two but four months. In addition, the actor is on a special diet to maintain the body required for Om – The Battle Within. Congratulations on the dedication!

Meanwhile, as soon as Om – The Battle Within Aditya’s first film was released, a section of netizens trolled the makers for copying Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi style. As Baaghi and Om belong to the same genre, their posters are similar but to a certain extent. Some Twitter users even referred to Aditya’s Om: The Battle Within as a “rejected Tiger’s Baaghi 4 project”.

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