The Accusonus Voice Changer can manipulate recorded voices with ease

If you’re looking for an audio tool to manipulate voices, check out Accusonus’s Voice Changer.

Audio can create or destroy any project. When it comes to finalizing your short film or feature film debut, you can’t get away with sub-par audio. It’s important not to try to compromise, because bad sound can instantly take your audience out of your story. That is, why Accusonus has several tools that make mixing sound easy with some very filmmaker friendly plugins that don’t need a 300 page manual to understand.

The company released a new tool called Voice Changer that, as the name suggests, lets you apply effects to voices with just a few clicks.

Voice Changer consists of three customizable elements: character, environment and effect.

  • characterFrom trailer narrative to monsters, robots to anime protagonists, content can require different characters, which in turn require different voices.
  • Surroundings: Users can jump out of their studio and create a fresh landscape under their voice. “Record” in a stadium, a rain shower, a cave, an airport, a bathroom – anywhere.
  • Cause: normal microphones can be anything with this module. Emulate walkie-talkie chatter, a radio, vintage-style news broadcasts, space broadcasts, and more.

When the program is activated, you can combine all three aspects. Accusonus has made a wide range of gifts available to use as a starting point. You can also create Voices from scratch and save the setting for later use on another track.

What makes Accusonus plugins so great is the user interface. They’re designed with large, easy-to-understand buttons and menus that don’t require extra digging. The Voice Changer UI continues the tradition with easy-to-use dials.

Subscribers to the creative and post-production suites have access to the plug-in at no additional cost. If you’re new to Accusonus, you can learn more about them and the pricing plans on theirs website.

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