The 6 Strongest Champions of 10.16 Patch

We introduce you, level by level, to the most powerful champions from League of Legends patch 10.16.

League of Legends patch 10.16 brought with it a number of balance changes that aim to slow down the Overcomers before we head to Worlds. As is often the case with new LoL patches, the latest update revolutionized the current champion meta.

While there are a few familiar faces that still roam the top tier positions, there have been a number of changes to the current champion pool.

With Worlds just around the corner, we dived into another list of champion tiers to give you the breakdown of the most powerful champions in League of Legends patch 10.16 that you should use to increase your ranked win rate.

Upper Street: Darius

The Hand of Noxus returns in patch 10.16 and this top lane mortal continues to swing his death ax, slicing through anyone who dares to stand in his way. Darius’s high-damage plays and overall survivability create a truly lethal combination, especially in late-game teamfights, where he can use his overall volume to rush to the baseline and instantly kill off soft carries. with crushing blows from his latest Noxian guillotine.

Jungle: Elise

This terrifying arachnid is no stranger to the dark depths of the jungle, so it won’t come as a surprise that Elise has once again cast her web and claimed first place. With the recent buffs for Evelyn and the increased carry threats appearing at every position in the rift, arguably there has never been a better time for the Spider Queen to begin her reign.

While Elise may lack the CC needed to block grouped enemies, her 1v1 potential is unrivaled, particularly now that her Spiderlings’ basic attacks benefit from the adaptive force Elise gains.

Middle Street: Zed

Zed is never far from the center lane spotlight and returns to claim the crown in patch 10.16. This elusive assassin only needs a few kills before he begins to snowball into an uncontrollable nightmare. Being able to effortlessly take on opponents with shadowy clones and claim kills with deadly shurikens is as satisfying as it is effective.

Lower Street: Caitlyn

Patch 10.16 saw the return of Caitlyn and the Sheriff of Piltover has set his sights firmly on first place. This deadly AD carry stream has a staggering 52.64% win rate and 30.85% pick rate on the Korean server, making it one of the most controversial picks in the current meta.

Not only does Caitlyn’s incredible reach allow her to push her enemies from afar effortlessly, but they also have great potential for death at all stages of the game, especially when building for critical damage.

Support: Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is our first pick in the support role and he still absolutely dominates on the Korean server, where he enjoys a 50.73% win rate. The Great Steam Golem is incredibly powerful early in the game, especially when you manage to get those important grabs.

To make things even better, his E (Power Fist) and ultimate (Static Field) give you great potential for killing when it comes to forcing fights. Blitzcrank may not be able to heal his allies or engage in CC fights, but a timely grab is all it takes to win skirmishes late in the game.

Meta breaker: Hecarim

This spectral horse is absolutely terrifying when played in the right hands, and while it can be tempting to just pick current meta-champions, it’s sometimes best to shake it up completely.

We expect many more damage builds to appear as players transition from the usual tank elements. If you want to turn things around and ignore the current meta, then Riven is the perfect choice for you.

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