The 20 best love dramas every romantic should know

We tell you about some recommendations for romantic series that will make you believe in love again. Which of these dramas is your favorite?

The world of Korean dramas offers us a great variety of alternatives, but regardless of the theme that arises, most of them include a romance line that captivates us in each episode, if you enjoy watching love stories on screen, then you will love this collection.

Romance comes in many different forms, but there is an ideal K-drama for every taste. Whether you are looking for a youthful story, a little more mature, with a sweet or a little sad ending, here you will find alternatives to enjoy it all.

Dare to know these stories and enjoy the characters that will steal your heart at every moment, in all of them you will find great stars of Korean entertainment who have surprised us through time.

Tell us which of these series you plan to see next or if any of them are on your favorites list.



Year: 2019

Starring: Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young

Eun Ho and Dan Yi have been friends since they were students, their age difference has not been an obstacle to their good connection and although he has a crush on her he never confesses his feelings. Dan Yi marries and starts a family, but years later he must start his life again, making his way into work and romantic life, only his age and lack of experience could make things difficult.


Year: 2015

Starring: Park Yoo Chun, Shin Se Kyung, and Nam Goong Min

Eun Seol witnessed a terrible event where her parents lost their lives, the event left her in a coma and made her lose all her memories, however, it gave her a mysterious ability, now she can see smells. Later, she meets Moo Guk, a boy who lost his sister in the same way that Eun Seol lost his family, their destinies were connected and now they can help each other.


Year: 2020

Starring: Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji

It tells the story of a nurse working in a psychiatric clinic, he lives with his older brother, who suffers from autism, which leads them to move frequently, fleeing the bad experiences they had in the past. Everything will change when they meet a writer with a personality difficult to ignore, but they will discover that only together can they heal the wounds that have hurt them for years.


Year 2014

Starring: Kim Sae Ron and Nam Woo Hyun

Seul Bi is an angel looking like a girl who accidentally meets Woo Hyun. Although he is very popular with his classmates, he is not happy due to the accompanying past. She will become a student at the same school where Woo Hyun studies but as she gets closer to this boy she will also be part of a love triangle.


Year 2013

Starring: Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun

Do Min Joo is a professor who teaches at a university and lives comfortably until an outgoing actress becomes his neighbor as he tries to avoid the scandals that haunt him. However, he is an alien who has lived on Earth for years and must soon return to his planet.


Year: 2019

Starring: Ji Chang Wook and Won Ji Ah

Ma Dong Chan is part of the staff of a variety show, this show will show a project where some members of the show will be frozen for 24 hours and then wake up as if nothing happened. However, upon awakening, Dong Chan discovers that 20 years have actually passed and all his acquaintances have aged.


Year: 2018

Starring: Joy and Woo Do Hwan

It tells the story of a group of friends who, despite enjoying comforts due to their social status, face a bad family relationship, so over time they become their only support. They do not hesitate to have fun at the expense of others and, when the girl on the team gets her heart broken, they will do everything to get revenge, but the plan will be in jeopardy once love begins to emerge in their lives.


Year 2014

Starring: Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin

The K-Drama tells the story of a radio DJ and a psychiatrist who meet during a television sho, their personalities lead them to have some confrontations until they unexpectedly become housemates. Little by little some traumas that both had during their lives will come to light and together they can help each other overcome them.


Year: 2016

Starring: Lee sung Kung and Nam Joo Hyuk

It tells the story of a young athlete who dreams of representing her country in weightlifting competitions. She attends a specialized school in different areas

of the sport and it is thus that it is reunited with a former companion of its childhood. The personality of this boy will cause their relationship to not be close from the beginning, but everything will change with the passage of time.


Year: 2017

Starring: Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

Bong Hee works as an intern at the prosecution office alongside Noh Ji Hyuk, however, the death of her ex-boyfriend makes her a murder suspect who must face the law. With such a background, it will be difficult for her to get a new job, but Ji Hyuk, who was her advocate, will help her regain her self-confidence.


Year: 2017

Starring: Lee Jong Suk and Suzy

Hong Joo is a girl who used to work as a journalist, but because she can predict the future through visions, she had to abandon her profession. She meets a prosecutor and a police officer who will work alongside her to solve some cases and prevent tragedies.


Year: 2016

Starring: Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

A rebellious girl is sent to live with her grandmother because of the problems she causes her father. She doesn’t have a dream to chase until she meets a teacher at her new school who won’t hesitate to put a stop to her bad deeds. She will receive a great inspiration that will lead her to study medicine and later she will meet the professor who changed her life.


Year: 2016

Starring: Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo

It tells the story of a couple of soldiers who are great friends, both are part of a special team prepared to face risky missions, while on vacation, they get involved in a misunderstanding by stopping a young thief, which will lead them to stop in a hospital where one of them will find love.


Year 2011

Starring: Park Shin Hye Jung Yong Hwa

Kyu Won is a Korean traditional music student with a good heart but a stubborn personality. She tries to help a teacher by planning a special event, for which she enlists the help of a student at her school who specializes in modern music and who is also extremely popular with girls.


Year 2009

Starring: Lee Min and Goo Hye Sun

One of the many adaptations of Hana Yori Dango. It tells the story of a girl with limited resources who receives the opportunity to study at a prestigious school as a reward for her good deeds, there she will meet a group of 4 handsome and very popular students who initially will not be liked, but their relationship it will become close as time goes by.


Year: 2019

Starring: Ji Soo and Jung Chae Yeon

A university student has begun to live far from his family but with all the comforts, when some of his friends face problems they can turn to him, but some events occur that cause several of them to want to live with him. The boys will put their friendship to the test and will also discover love.


Year: 2019

Starring: Han Ji Min, Jung Hae In, and Kim Joon Han

This drama presents the story of Lee Jung In, a girl who works as a librarian and who has created a family, however, there comes a moment in her life that makes her question what she really wants, which will lead her to rediscover your dreams and your feelings.


Year: 2019

Starring: Park Min young and Kim Jae Wook

Duk Mi works as an art curator and stands out for her good performance, however, she leads a double life, as she is also a passionate fangirl who runs a fan site about a member of an idol group. Her romantic life has been unsuccessful as she always prioritizes her plans as a fan, but that could change very soon.


Year: 2020

Starring: Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

Se Ri is a successful businesswoman who, although she comes from a wealthy family, has achieved her legacy through her own efforts. One day she decides to paraglide as part of an event for her work, but an accident leads her to land on North Korean territory. There she will meet a group of soldiers who will try to help her to return home without causing problems.


Year: 2019

Starring: L and Shin Hye Sun

Yeon Seo is a talented dancer with an arrogant attitude, her past has led her to not trust any of the people around her, but after suffering an accident she meets Kim Dan, an angel who must find the ideal person to fall in love with by Yeon Seo.

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