The 10 Best Movies for National Paranormal Day | Characteristics

Also: dreaming about paranormal phenomena is a pretty fine way of thinking about our own superstitions or our magical thinking. I suspect that’s why Boorman has every right to say magic is cinematic and, on a more personal note, why so many of my favorite movies are about the paranormal. Here are ten of my favorites.

1. “The Exorcist”

Is it still possible to see this maddening passion playing out with reasonable expectations? The movie is still great, anyway.

2. “God told me to”

I wish I had done this mysterious cracked piece, about a missing brother, the second coming, and a brief but memorable Andy Kaufman cameo. Of course, it’s a Larry Cohen movie.

3. “The dreams of Akira Kurosawa”

There are a number of Japanese ghost stories that could have been on this list – “Kwaidan” and “Kuroneko” immediately spring to mind – but “Dreams” is the first movie that scared me so much that I had to turn it off halfway. through. “Dreams” is also one of the few ghost films (and the past, the subconscious and the artistic compulsion) that is as mysterious as it is brutal.

4. “Don’t look now”

Nicolas Roeg’s haunted psychodrama is so overwhelming, both stylistically and emotionally. You should see it on the big screen, or now.

5. “Juliet of the Spirits”

Love at first sight with this delirious and grotesque character study. It’s also one of the only great psychodramas (about a woman’s spiritual crisis) that I think can be accurately described as “rococo”.

6. “Veerana”

The Ramsay Brothers – a group of self-taught Indian horror enthusiasts who took inspiration from Hammer’s gothic coolers, “The Evil Dead” and the “Thriller” music video, too – are the pioneers of Indian horror. And “Veerana” is one of the best Ramsays horror films.

7. “Night of the Living Dead”

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