Tetris Effect: Connected comes with new multiplayer modes

The critically acclaimed review of the Tetsuya Mizuguchi classic is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows 10 with cross-play and 3-person online modes.

One of the surprises of 2018, Tetris Effect, will arrive on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows 10 at the end of the year with a new version that will be called Tetris Effect: Connected and that will be accompanied by new multiplayer modes and a campaign mode “optimized ” At least that’s how it was announced during the Xbox Game Showcase, which also confirmed that the title will land on the Xbox Game Pass. These improvements will be exclusive to the Microsoft ecosystem until the summer of 2021, the date from which a free patch will be released for PS4 and PC with all the additions. In the case of PC, it will be for copies distributed through the Epic Games Store, the only platform on which the game was available.

The developer of the game, Enhance Games, has declared that this is “version 2.0 of Tetris Effect” and explained that there will be cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. In addition we can play them not only through the internet, but also locally, and will support up to 3 simultaneous players, who can be replaced by bots if we have no one to enjoy them with. A new scoreboard system will be included and you can choose between ranked and arcade games, with cross-play included between PC players and both Xbox consoles. Finally we recall that Tetris Effect, the review of the classic that Tetsuya Mizuguchi designed, received a 9 in the MeriStation analysis (“how to improve the perfect”) and is compatible with PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest.

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