Teradek releases the new Bolt 4K LT MAX with an incredible 5,000 feet range!

Plus, you know, 10-bit 4K HDR video all wrapped up in a wireless video monitor that you can keep in your pocket …

How many times have you been to a video production site when you want to sync your pocket-sized wireless monitor with your camera … but want to stand 13.88 soccer fields away? Well you are in luck now!

Teradek just announced that they are releasing a new one Screw 4K LT MAXwhich, as the name suggests, truly offers the MAX distance for providing wireless video solutions for your on-site recording needs.

Let’s take a look at this new rugged, compact, and very versatile Bolt 4K LT MAX to see if it’s right for you.

Lengthy range functions

Based on the same lineage – and interchangeable with – Teradek’s Bolt 4K family, the Bolt 4K LT MAX can help further streamline and future-proof your production setup with the same solid 4Kp60 video you might expect, but with new wireless camera control from anywhere from 750 to 5,000 feet of range.

And while you might think that having nearly a mile of wireless camera control range could be a bit extreme, any serious – or at least creative – video professional can tell you that this could be very helpful on set.

Plus, in certain situations involving stunts, explosions, or tight spaces, it can actually help keep you and your team safe. And overall, in many cases it is always better to have more leeway than too little when you begin to expand the reach for your remote productions or video village setups.

Teradek Bolt 4K LT MAX

4K and HDR on-set surveillance

That’s what Greg Smokler, GM Cine Production at Creative Solutions, says about the product.

“The Bolt 4K LT range is the onramp for 4K and HDR on-set monitoring, but it lacks an ultra-long-range powerhouse. We took the pocket size of the 4K LT and packed in the incredible long-range performance of the full Bolt 4K MAX, resulting in a perfect balance between size and performance. ”

The cool thing about the Bolt 4K LT MAX is how much there is still in such a small and easy-to-use frame. The 4K LT MAX is still able to send 10-bit 4: 2: 2 video at up to 4Kp30 over HDMI (also 1080p60 over SDI), which should provide sufficient resolution for your production needs.

You can also monitor all of your footage using the free Teradek Bolt app (available for iOS and Android), which can also be wirelessly paired with any TX or RX device.

Of course, with the Bolt 4K LT MAX you can rest assured that you are getting some of the sharpest, richest, most color-accurate detail as you can truly monitor your productions as if you were holding the camera yourself.

Teradek Bolt 4K LT MAX

Specifications and price

  • Receive video up to 5000 ‘
  • HDMI and 3G-SDI outputs, zero delay
  • Receive up to 4K30 video, 10-bit 4: 2: 2
  • Compatible with all Bolt 4K transmitters
  • AES-256 encryption, 5 x antennas
  • Mobile Bluetooth app, spectrum analyzer

You can the Screw 4K LT MAX for $ 10,990.00.

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