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The rapper, a convicted criminal and also the infamous cracker Daniel Hernandez (24), known to the world under the stage name Tekashi 6ix9ine, ended up in the hospital! He fell ugly on the stairs and broke his wrist.

According to the American website TMZ, 6ix9ine got terribly hungry on Tuesday around three in the morning, so he headed down to the kitchen in his house. But he stumbled on the stairs and tripped over his one-year-old French bulldog Poppy.

He tripped on the dog and slammed his hand on the railing
As he tried to balance the fall, he grabbed the railing with his hand and an unpleasant injury occurred. The unmissable musician of the portal said that he felt pain, but had no idea that the injury was so serious.

He did not head to the hospital until the next morning, when the pain had not passed. The doctors did an X-ray and found that he had broken his wrist. The rapper then posted a video from the hospital on the instagram.

He cried on a hospital bed

She lags at him as the doctor takes care of his injuries. 6ix9ine was given a cast that he will wear for at least three to five weeks. This rapper is one of the most controversial musicians today.

In 2015, he was charged and later convicted of sexual harassment of a child. In one of his music videos, a naked thirteen-year-old girl appeared sitting on his lap and he was touching her breasts.

A well-known troublemaker

He was later charged and confessed to domestic violence and assaulting the ex-girlfriend and mother of his child. In 2018, he was arrested for extortion, possession of weapons and drugs. However, he decided to cooperate with the police.

Law enforcement officers were cracked by members of the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods, many of whom ended up behind bars. He has been wearing a target ever since. The musician was threatened with a total of 47 years in prison.

He’s still in danger

However, due to gangster banging, he was eventually sentenced to 2 years. After being sentenced to 13 months in prison, he was released under house arrest. Even though he’s laughing now, he’s definitely not safe.

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