Technovision 1.5X lenses offer a dreamy anamorphic look from the 1970s

P + S Technik provided Technovision lenses in anamorphic form.

If you want to capture that dreamy anamorphic widescreen look from the epic days of cinema, finding a set of lenses that can deliver the goods while handling the high performance of today’s modern film sets can be quite a challenge. The 1.5x P + S Technovision lens series not only offers widescreen images over a variety of focal lengths, but is also scalable using a variety of image sensors. The result is that high contrast and deliberate lens flare shooters dream of it.

With a 1.5-fold squeeze factor, the Technovision 1.5X can capture this anamorphic widescreen look, regardless of which cinema camera you mount it on. The 1.5X is scalable to image sensors from S35 to full format and can process up to 70 mm oscilloscope formats.

P + S achieves this by placing all of the anamorphic elements at the front of the lens design to achieve the dreamy ’70s bokeh that we all know and love. The same configuration also offers the dynamic lens flares that defined the JJ Abrams image for a generation.

The lenses are available in series with five focal lengths: 40, 50, 75, 100 and 135 mm. They can get an aspect ratio from 16: 9 to 1: 2.40 and aperture T-values ​​from T2.2 to 2.5, so they are pretty fast. In addition, P + S has added the rich and high-contrast Technovision emulsion, which offers this dynamic chromatic aberration for an artistic atmosphere.

Recognition: P + S technology

With today’s action-oriented cinema style, it becomes a challenge to add a little nostalgic art to your picture without disrupting the flow of the story. Fortunately, a good print is all you need to remember the heady days of David Lean and Sergio Leone.

The price for the lenses is around 25,000 US dollars (19,900 euros plus VAT). They can also be rented in full format, PL, and LPL configurations.

Check out this map for locations or the P + S Technik lens Support page for more details.

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